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Asclear Pty Ltd is an extremely customer focused organisation and all employees are totally committed to providing a service that exceeds our clients expectations.

We are driven on a journey of developing long term partnerships with our clients which has successfully occurred through accountability and relentless customer commitment.

Customer Feedback is crucial to any operation and when constructive it can be seen and used as a positive tool for the quality monitoring process. At Asclear Pty Ltd, we encourage participation and feedback from our customers relating to any area in which we provide a service.

Blasting and Coating

AsClear Blasting and Coating Alinta project

Alinta Energy required a refurbishment of the Condenser Return Water Boxes during the 2020 outage. AsClear removed all the old internal coating and repaired cavities…

AsClear Blasting and Coating pipes for M80
APA (M80 Upgrade)

The M80 Upgrade will widen the freeway, widen on and off ramps and install a new freeway management system along 38km of road from Laverton…

Pipe resurfacing in Carrum Downs
National Australian Pipeline

Due to widening of road works above APA required their below ground pipework to be refurbished. AsClear removed the existing coal tar enamel and re-coated…

BLasting and Coating work atBeechworth - Galong
Quality Site Welding

Sibelco required silos to be abrasive blasted and coated prior to install at Galong. AsClear completed the job on site and on schedule to the…

AsClear Blasting and Coating
QCLNG Pipeline

AsClear Pty Ltd prepared pipes and coated bends with Canusa HBE95 at MCJV site in Queensland. All blasting and coating was conducted inside a habitat…

AsClear - ESSO pipeline
ESSO Crude Oil Pipeline

Esso Australia Pty Ltd transports crude oil along a predominately underground 180km pipeline from Longford to Long Island Point (Victoria). This pipeline has been in…

AsClear Blasting and Coating
Kipper Tuna Turrum Project

AsClear Pty Ltd prepared spool and flanges for coating of HBE95 at ESSO’s Barry Beach Marine Terminal site with spool sizes varying including 6,8,14 &…

AsClear Blasting and Coating
Wollert – Wodonga Pipeline

Following the removal of an existing yellow jacket coating, the mainline was abrasive blasted and coated with Canusa HBE95.

AsClear blasting and coating on-site
QSN3 – Warrego River

Creation of full enclosure of HDD String for abrasive blasting and painting in extremely sensitive environmental conditions. A partial enclosure for painting was erected to…

AsClear - CD Bin and Trommel
Sibelco – CD Bin & Trommel

Sibelco needed to replace an old CD Bin and Trommel at their Lang Lang facility. A whole new assembly was fabricated that included CD bins,…

AsClear Blasting and Coating

APA Gas Net extended their gas distribution network throughout Victoria and New South Wales. The last phase included the construction of 195 kms of pipeline…

AsClear- Loy Yang Fire Service Pipe
Fire Service Pipe

Water extracted from a bore and re-used from open cut mining can contain chlorides, sulphates and other salts that are corrosive to steel. If left…

AsClear painting and Coating
Neerim Bower Columns

The Indigenous satin bower bird, in decorating his bower to attract a mate enlivened with blue ornaments, was the inspiration in the idea of an…

AsClear project Federation Square
Federation Square

Due to weight restrictions on site the canopy had to be assembled and welded together on site. This meant that AsClear had to complete caulking…