Advanced Technology in Infrastructure

In-house facilities

Our workshop is located on approximately 2.5 acres at 147 Firmins Lane, Morwell.

A large investment has been made in infrastructure at our workshop to ensure we provide and maintain the facilities needed to conform with product requirements including but not limited to:

  • Licenced Asbestos Storage Facility (15 cubic metres)
  • High production abrasive blast facility (400m2)
  • Coating application/spray room with approved ventilation to AS (400m2)
  • Large Under Cover areas (2 X domes) (390m2)
  • Cranage – Lay Down/Storage Areas (1000m2).

Field Facilities

We are fully equipped to mobilize to on-site projects given the extensive infrastructure and equipment available:

  • Semi-Trailer
  • All equipment is containerized ready for mobilization
  • Generators
  • Dust extraction Units – 40,000cfm dust collector
  • High performance 4-outlet Mega Blaster
  • 40,000cfm Dust Collector
  • Protective Spray Tent
  • Protective dome tents with floors
  • Plural spray application equipment
  • Certified inspection equipment kits
  • EPA Licensed Asbestos vehicles
  • 4 wheel drive vehicles