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Management ensures that policy documents are established to guide our decisions, actions and procedures in fulfilling our client and community commitment.

The following policy documents have been created by the management team to demonstrate our commitment to compliance with requirements, continually reviewed to improve the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System.

Specifically, our Quality and Occupational Health Safety Environment Policy provide a framework for establishing and reviewing our company objectives and provides a commitment to improving our performance.

All policies are communicated and clearly understood by all employees, demonstrated by our professional approach to our work.

POL001 – Equal Employment Opportunity (pdf)

POL002 – Rehabilitation Policy (pdf)

POL003 – Risk Management Policy (pdf)

POL004 – Fatigue Management Policy (pdf)

POL005 – No Bullying Policy (pdf)

POL006 – Sexual Harassment Policy (pdf)

POL007 – Health Safety and Environment Policy (pdf)

POL008 – PPE Policy (pdf)

POL009 – Quality Policy (pdf)

POL010 – Social Media Policy (pdf)

POL011 – Vehicle Policy (pdf)

POL012 – Vehicle Policy – Employee (pdf)

POL013 – Drugs and Alcohol Policy (pdf)

POL014 – Dispute Resolution Policy (pdf