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Safety Management Systems AS/NZ 4801:2001 Certification

We nurture a safety culture.

AsClear provides a systematic approach to safety achieved through the professional approach to regulatory and legislative compliance, inductions, risk assessments, risk registers, safe work method statements, JSEAs, safe operating procedures, plant and machinery servicing regime, communication, consultation and ongoing training.

All our operations are certified by DNV.GL Business Assurance Australia Pty Limited (previously ISC International Standards Certification Pty Ltd) to AS/NZS 4801:2001.

AsClear Pty Ltd

  • Provide visible commitment and leadership to drive positive and proactive HSE behaviours, thereby building a culture of continual HSE improvement, and ensuring that all works are carried out in accordance with the company’s best HSE practice values.
  • Ensure that our Managers, supervisors and employees receive health safety and environmental awareness training via our induction process and understand the applicable OHS and Environmental legislation.
  • Ensures health safety and environmental Issues to be included as a permanent agenda item on all prestart meetings, site meetings, and management review meetings.
  • Ensure positive reinforcement of good environmental.
  • Consulting with our client, employees, and other interested stakeholders on health safety and environmental issues to achieve the best outcomes via a range of forums including HSE committees, workshops, prestart and toolbox meetings to name a few.
  • Ensuring that best practice environmental controls are implemented to address environmental risks as identified via the various risk assessment processes.

See our Safety Policy: POL007 – Health Safety and Environment Policy (pdf)