Safety Culture = ZERO HARM

AsClear safety certification AS/NZS 4801

A job is never that important that it can’t be done safely

We nurture a safety culture and our highest priority is to ensure that all our employees go home at the end of the day.

In order to achieve this AsClear provides a systematic approach to safety achieved through the professional approach to regulatory and legislative compliance together with internal processes and procedures ensuring an unwavering commitment to ZERO HARM on every site, every day!

All our operations are certified by DNV.GL Business Assurance Australia Pty Limited AS/NZS 4801:2001.

AsClear safety certification AS/NZS 4801

Health Safety and Environmental Policy:

As Clear Pty Ltd. is committed to the prevention of injury and illness in the workplace and demonstrates that commitment by providing safe systems of work and a safe and healthy working environment.

To further demonstrate our commitment to Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment in all areas of our work, As Clear will:

  • Consider Health, Safety and Environmental requirements at all levels of the business decision-making process.
  • Set and achieve Health, Safety and Environmental objectives and targets to continuously improve Health, Safety and Environmental performance.
  • Commitment to the prevention of injury and ill health;
  • Ensure that all operations comply with Health, Safety and Environmental legislation and regulations and meet community expectations.
  • Regularly review and report Health, Safety and Environmental performance.
  • Ensure all employees & contractors are fully aware of and meet their Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities.
  • Establish and maintain a third-party certified Health and Safety Management System - AS4801.
  • Recognise, communicate and respond to all interested parties concerns on Health, Safety and Environmental matters.

AsClear, through our Directors, are responsible for Health, Safety and Environmental compliance and implementing system and performance improvements by:

  • Ensuring the Safety Management System is effectively resourced and maintained.
  • Identifying compliance requirements through the Health, Safety and Environmental audit program and actioning all areas of non-compliance.